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Grading Rubric

Page history last edited by Darren Kuropatwa 10 years, 4 months ago


Marks Significant Contribution (50%) Constructive Modification (50%)
Mathematics Annotation Layout 1 Major 4 Minor
4 Perfect Work. No errors of any sort. Fully and clearly annotated. Others can learn just from reading it. Work is well laid out and not cluttered. Images (if any) are appropriately sized and aid the reader's understanding. Colour is used in a meaningful way in the text and/or images (if any). The modification makes a significant improvement to the work done before and/or what was an error is now error free. At least 4 minor edits and/or corrections made to the wiki. Edits are nontrivial.

Good work. Demonstrates correct mathematical techniques and/or processes and contains only minor arithmetic or transcription errors.

Well annotated but lacks some detail or leaves out minor steps. An interested learner would have to struggle a bit to understand the solution(s).

Work is well laid out, clear, easy to read, but is missing something: a graphic image, effective use of colour, and/or some details missing that should have been included.

The modification is a nontrivial improvement to the work done before but isn't a major step forward. What was an error is now error free.

At least 3 minor edits and/or corrections made to the wiki. Edits are nontrivial.

Solution contains elements of a correct approach with 1 or more significant errors.

Annotation does not contain enough detail to illustrate the solution method and/or technique.

The work can be read but not enough effort made to ensure the layout is clean and adds to the readability of the work. May or may not use colour in a meaningful way.

Student has corrected one significant error and replaced it with another. New error may be only a minor error.

At least 2 minor edits and/or corrections made to the wiki. Edits are nontrivial.

Solution may contain an indication of a correct approach but is largely incorrect.

Little effort made to annotate the solution. Little attention was paid to how the solution and annotation are laid out on the page. A weak effort made to improve the work. Likely contains errors. At least 1 minor edit and/or correction made to the wiki. Edit is nontrivial.
0 Well below the level of mastery expected of students at this point in the course. No annotation. No effort made to organize the presentation of the work. Not done or feeble effort made. No edits and/or corrections made to the wiki or edit(s) is (are) trivial.


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